Top 15 Dragon Ball Villains

Top 15 Dragon Ball Villains

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When people talk about Dragon Ball, it is usually the heroes who are honored. They are the ones who save the world, that we follow for hundreds of episodes and who are the main actors of the coolest moments 🆒. It is true that it would simply be impossible for the franchise to be as huge as it is now if Goku or Vegeta disappeared. But the guys, at the same time, admit that these heroes would be much less interesting without competition. What would Harry Potter be without Voldemort? Batman 🦇 without the Joker 🃏? Sherlock Holmes without Moriarty? Every great hero needs his great villain!

And fortunately, the Dragon Ball franchise has a lot of big bad guys. For this article, Muten Roshi 🐢 will review with you the original Dragon Ball, DBZ, GT, GT, Super and even the movies to designate the ugliest characters. To choose them, he will sometimes focus more on their personalities than on their powers. Which villains do fans find the most threatening, coolest or even the funniest? Let’s go for the top 15 of the best Dragon Ball villains of all time.

15. Kid Buu:

As we said, personality takes precedence over power for these villains, otherwise this list could be composed of a large number of divine characters who have the whole personality of a cabbage leaf (about that, you will be surprised at the number of characters inspired by… vegetables! 🥕🍆 That said, villains who use their power creatively can always make things interesting, even if their ability to conduct a conversation is sometimes sorely lacking. Kid Buu was one of them. He was probably the most direct villain of the franchise, never wasting a second in unnecessary discussions. What he loved was to make his strength speak!

All the villains who threatened to destroy Terre🌎, however powerful they were, always showed restraint not to vaporize the planet they were on. Not Kid Buu. And while it was probably weaker than Buu’s previous incarnations 😈, it immediately showed why it was more dangerous by releasing 🔥 chaos into the universe and killing entire populations. He has made an even greater impact on people’s minds because he has done so with a casual attitude. This draw also sent back to the public the impression that he was the reincarnation ⛪ of wickedness, a person who was not afraid of hell itself. If he never had a nice speech or background, his way of being made him memorable.

14. Baby:

Fans have strong opinions about Dragon Ball GT (most of them negative…), but it cannot be denied that the series has seen some really interesting ideas emerge. One of the positive points is undoubtedly the introduction of Baby, the oldest villain in the series. By this point in the franchise, the Saiyans had become so powerful that nothing could compete with them. So what could be better than a méchant👿 that can turn the Saiyans’ strength against them by owning them?

Many people found the power of Super Android C-17 ridiculous, and while perverse dragons were a good concept, Omega Shenron 🐉 had a beautiful generic personality. But Baby was the outstanding villain of the whole series, not only because of his unique rise to power, but also because he held a grudge against the Saiyans (remember, they still destroyed his entire race…). And then, the most important argument: Baby was responsible for what was one of the best successes of Dragon Ball GT: Super Saiyan 4 🙉 !

13. Captain Ginyu:

Members of the Ginyu Force 🔮 spent much more time being the second comic knives than they posed a serious threat to anyone. But that’s what makes them so fun and popular with fans. After all, sinister tyrants who want to destroy the world quickly become bored… Let’s not forget that Ginyu and his troops remained very strong, but they were more concerned with perfecting their poses than conquering humanity. This has propelled them straight into the top of the most endearing villains in the entire franchise.

Captain Ginyu 🔮en in particular was a wonderful mix of power and humour. On the one hand, he could do something as stupid as destroying an entire regiment of his troops for not posing in the middle of a battle. But on the other hand, he also revealed what could be one of the most useful techniques of franchising thanks to its ability to move from one body to another. All this in the end to turn into a frog 🐸… What a waste. Despite this, we understand a little better why he turned into a Bulma, and above all, it was good

12. Android 17 and Android 18:

They are the only bad guys in the franchise who have always teamed up. Of course, the Ginyu Force fought as a team, but Captain Ginyu immediately began to try to replace his followers once they began to die. In addition, Jeice and her Australian accent could have been nice, but individually, the other members were not that good. On the other hand, Androids C-17 and C-18 🤖 not only posed a threat as a team, but even proved powerful when they were alone.

Certainly, they are more particularly noteworthy later on rather than during the main chronology of the program. Because if they were present in the main chronology, according to the strength of Vegeta, Goku and Warrior intergalactique🍙 in the hyperbolic time chamber, it seemed inevitable from the beginning that these androids would be defeated. However, in an alternative future, they still almost caused the apocalypse. Indeed, in the chronology of Future Trunks ⌛, the androids wiped out almost everyone and left the few survivors living in constant fear. C-17 and Lazuli did not spend as much time on screen as many other bad guys, but they did much more than some before they were finally destroyed or rehabilitated.

11. Goku Black:

While everyone was looking forward to meeting Dragon Ball with the first of the Super, it seems that expectations were a little too high for things to go well. The series had barely begun when fans were already starting to criticize other characters who were taking a back seat behind Goku🥕 and Vegeta, bad guys too easily defeated. Not to mention the animation style… But the remaining fans were finally rewarded with the introduction of the new and intriguing Black character.

This diabolical double from Goku immediately caught the attention by marking Future Trunks’ return to the franchise. It seemed that Trunks’ future was looking pretty good, after the Androids, Lapis and Lazuli 🤖, and Cell were eliminated. But Goku Black turned out to be meaner than everyone else. He revealed new depths of power with his transformation from Super Saiyan Rose, and the mystery of his true identity left fans in uncertainty for months. For the moment, it’s hard to know if Black’s impact will be even greater, but he has already left a beautiful imprint by giving fans a reason to continue with Super and by giving the Z Fighters 🥊 a challenge again.

10. Cooler:

This applies to all Dragon Ball franchise movies, it must be recognized that bad guys are rarely very interesting. There have been extreme disappointments like Bio-Broly and many shiny characters like Android 13. The challenge of convincing the audience to take an interest in a completely new character within the time frame of a film is a difficult task, but sometimes writers succeed. Freezer’s brother ❄️, Cooler, is one of those successful villains.

In the logical consequence that few characters in the franchise could have peaceful relationships with their brothers and sisters, Cooler seemed to consider Frieza☃️ as a rival. He even admitted that he would probably have killed his brother himself if the Saiyans had not done so.

Just being able to learn more about the history of the Freezer family already makes Cooler an interesting addition to the franchise, but Cooler differs even more when it comes in its metal form in its evolution. He would probably have been destroyed like his brother and father by Trunks if he had been in the TV show, but we still can’t help but wish he could have the chance to show his rivalry with Freezer on the screen!


9. Super Buu:

Some of you will probably argue about having several versions of the same character in this article. But when their personalities are so different, it seems justified. Yes, Fat Buu, Super Buu and Kid Buu 🎀sont all the same person, but can a fan really say that he has the same feeling about the three versions of Buu? Fat Buu was unique, but felt too childish to be taken seriously as a threat to the characters. So when he was finally taken over by his perverse side and became Super Buu, it was like a whole new character.

This leaner and meaner version of Buu showed its darkest aspects right away by carrying out one of the most horrible killings of the franchise. Remember? He liquefied his body and crawled down a spectator’s throat until the man exploded… In addition, unlike his childhood form, Super Buu also had a personality. He could show a rational mind while waiting for a challenger to face him, while showing his cruelty, often calculated, as when he transformed the Chi-Chi into an egg 🥚 just to break it. And yet, behind this gratuitous malice, Super Buu was still childish enough not to realize that he was trapped in the hyperbolic time chamber ⌚, his first concern being how he could get candy. Overall, it was still a major upgrade of Fat Buu.


8. Majin Vegeta:

Majin Buu is not the only one that Babidi’s magic has been able to control and modify. Some may wonder if it was another Vegeta personality, but we saw that Babidi’s mental control could radically change the characters. When Majin Spopovich 💪 came to the martial arts tournament, people immediately understood how different it was from the one they had known before. And Vegeta also noticed that he had let Babidi’s magic take him not only to increase his power, but also to allow him to exploit his more brutal nature. Majin Vegeta 🍅 seems to be a special personality.

Although this incarnation of Vegeta was short-lived, he made a strong impression by his desire to kill innocent people. His pride, thirst for power and jealousy of Goku grew and became the flagship elements of his new personality. This led to the long-awaited revenge between Goku 🥕 and Vegeta, one of DBZ’s strong points, which was able to find a new confrontation after Cell… Moreover, it also finally allowed Vegeta to show a softer side when he realized that his family and friends meant more to him than his pride and that he made the ultimate sacrifice against Buu to try to protect them.

7. Beerus:

After so many years of Dragon Ball watching TV, it now takes a lot for a new character to win the interest of the audience. After Majin Buu of DBZ, as well as all the bad guys of GT, what else could the franchise do to make a bad guy an even scarier threat than the previous ones? The last film released had even decided to present Abo and Cado, the assumed villains, as joke characters. The Z 🥊 fighters were unstoppable and they knew it, so who could stop them?

Battle of Gods answered this question quite quickly when Goku enthusiastically decided to challenge the newcomer Beerus. The god of destruction showed that he lived up to his reputation when he easily dominated a Super Saiyan 3 Goku, proving that he was far beyond the power of one of the heroes. And the most incredible thing happened at the end of the film, there was always no one to compete with him. Even against a Super Saiyan Goku god, Beerus retained his power. He was the first villain to really triumph. And he even showed some common sense by sparing the Earth 🌎 after realizing how much he loved 🍲 food there.

6. Perfect Cell :

Perfect Cell is the choice of many fans when it comes to choosing the best villain in the franchise, and some may complain that the character was not saved at the end. But the franchise has had so many good antagonists that trying to put them in any order will always be extremely subjective. Most fans can agree that among the many opponents who came to DBZ after Freezer ❄️, Cell is the best of the group. Androids 19 and 20 didn’t look very intimidating. As for C-17 and C-18, we saw that they were powerful and had an interesting story, but they had little to tell except for the motive without real relief to kill Goku.

That’s when Cell arrived! It originated in time travel ⏲️ and had powers that placed it directly among the most powerful fighters ⚔️ in the series. Finally someone who actually looked like a tough opponent. Its perfect shape attracted a lot of attention since everything was built in this idea, and it paid off with very good moments. As a result, we were able to see Gohan 🍛enfin unlock his hidden power, while Goku finally met an enemy he couldn’t beat. Even the death of Perfect Cell was probably the best of the franchise, with a spectacular battle of two Kamehamehas during which all the Z Fighters had a last moment of glory to help Intergalactic Warrior win.


5. King piccolo :

If we don’t talk so much about the original Dragon Ball when it comes to discussing the bad guys, it’s because the show didn’t really have very powerful characters by the standards posted afterwards. But in a way, it made the fighting much more effective, as the characters had to surpass themselves and find counter-techniques, instead of just wearing a pair of earrings 👂🏻 to become just as powerful as the unstoppable villain. In this respect, King Piccolo was part of a kind of villains who managed to be intimidating without their fights being based on characters using powers that sometimes border on the cheaté.

Moreover, even among the villains of Dragon Ball, Satan little heart 🐌 was by far the best. Among his other competitors, there were many enemies who became friends, such as Yamcha and Oolong, Boss Rabbit, or the long-time comedian villain, Emperor Pilaf. In the end, King Daemon Jr. was one of the first people we could really believe in, he was dangerous enough to conquer the world. Especially since his saga started on a “positive” note from the beginning, when his own son Tambourine killed Krillin.

4. Broly:

Broly 🥦 is a controversial villain among Dragon Ball fans. Some fans consider it to be overrated because its characteristics are those of an evil Super Saiyan. In a way, he looks a lot like Vegeta. But Broly stands out as the most brutal Super Saiyan in the franchise. Goku, Gohan 🍘et Vegeta drag out their fights for different reasons, but Broly doesn’t play. He is an embodiment of power and he demonstrated it like no other villain when he single-handedly eliminated all the Z Fighters 🥊 at once.

Broly was so popular that he is also the only villain to have had three films dedicated to him, including the last one. Certainly, Bio-Broly is probably the worst film in the franchise, but that doesn’t take away from the enormous impact of the man who calls himself “The Legendary Super Saiyan”, the legendary Super Saiyan ⚔️ ! It’s hard not to be impressed by someone who can take a Kamehameha 💡 at close range and laugh about it. The ultimate proof of his popularity, of all the bad guys in the film, he is the one who pushed the fans to wish for a real saga dedicated to him in the TV series.

3. Imperfect Cell :

Some of you will probably criticize the choice of the different forms of Cell, because on the surface, they are all identical. But, once again, all three forms of Cell all have very different personalities and you cannot say that you love them all in the same way. Honestly, does anyone like Semi-Perfect Cell 🐛 who spoke as if his mouth was filled with doughnuts? Perfect Cell was cool and confident, but Imperfect Cell is the form that fans always refer to as the most terrifying villain on franchise👹 .

Imperfect Cell was the most threatening form of Cell, similar to an insect 🐛, and so much the better, because it is a characteristic it has lost as its transformations have made it more and more human. Even beyond its appearance, Imperfect Cell also had the most predatory personality. He still said that it was an honour for people to be absorbed by him because they could now be part of perfection. He felt no remorse in taking anyone’s life, because in his mind he was improving it. Many villains have fun destroying entire worlds, but Imperfect Cell showed an almost “sexual” pleasure 🍆🍑 in tracking every individual life, to the point that even villains like the Androids C-17 and Lazuli were disgusted with him. His presence in the series was short, but he left a disconcerting impression.


2. Vegeta:

The first villain that fans really embraced in Dragon Ball Z was not Goku’s brother, Raditz or the bald brute Nappa, but Prince Saiyan Vegeta. His first fight with Goku was probably one of the best combats🥊 of the franchise and he immediately had the chemistry of a rivalry that became classic between the two Saiyans. Goku 🥕 even came to be relieved to see Vegeta spared because of her merciful nature, but if the fans were happy too, it was mainly because they knew they would be able to see the two protagonists face each other again.

Although Vegeta only fully became a hero after coming back to life after his death in Namek, his whole conflict with Freezer’s forces ☃️ has made him cross the line between a bad guy and what you might call a good guy. The warriors he fought were probably more perverse than him, but Vegeta was also extremely cruel and brutal by sending them to hell. All the time he spent on Namek 🐌lui was worth one of the most interesting journeys of all the bad guys, because he looked like a mercenary, ready to fight everyone or work with anyone who could help him, but ultimately loyal to himself.

1. Frieza:

Master Roshi 🐢 could he really save someone else for the end of his top of the best Dragon Ball villains? No. Frieza is the most emblematic villain of the franchise. In more than a hundred episodes of Dragon Ball Z, Frieza❄️ has been the most dangerous character in the universe. As the story unfolded, the great confrontation with him was prepared. In particular, he has killed long-time characters such as Krillin and Vegeta. And once his fight with Goku began, it became the longest battle ever organized in an anime.

But Frieza’s impact is not limited to being one of the most powerful villains of the franchise. It was he who led Goku 🥕à to become a Super Saiyan. He has the most developed story of all the villains between his story with the planet Vegeta and the introduction of his family into the series. And he continued to be present in GT, Super and even in the cinema. In addition, he was the only villain who was smart enough to train during his absence, creating what was probably an even better fight when he returned as Golden Frieza🌟. Freezer set the bar high for all the bad guys in the franchise and, unlike the others, none of them redefined the Dragon Ball the way he did…