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There are people who were not born to be together in the first place, but fate “pushed” them together.

In addition to the journey to collect dragon balls, the fight against evil, the efforts to constantly improve, Dragon Ball also tells love stories. Here are the 6 couples who have contributed to the popularity of Dragon Ball.

1. Goku and Chichi


Goku married

Goku and Chichi are probably the most classic couple in Dragon Ball, nobody knows them well enough. Despite his superpowers, Goku is quite naive, reckless and troubled. However, there is always Chichi, a wise, rational and somewhat evil woman. She may have managed to raise two Saiyan children, Gohan and Goten, well.

According to the plot, Chichi developed feelings for Goku when she was rescued by our main character at an early age. Simply because he “believes” that a bride is a food, Goku agrees to marry Chichi. However, it’s also an interesting and meaningful love for Dragon Ball fans, and this little family also gives Goku more than a full stomach.

2. Vegeta and Bulma


Coming to Earth to find the dragon ball, the last thing Vega found was… a love for Bulma and her two children. This is probably the most unexpected and exciting change in the world of Dragon Ball. A character born to be a villain, who knew they were going to get together.

However, after the exciting adventures and classic battles of Dragon Ball, the two have become closer than ever. It is obvious that calling Vegeta and Bulma the most beautiful couple in Dragon Ball is not an objection either.

3. Krillin and Android 18

Krillin and android 18

The bald Krillin first met Android 18 when she was Dr. Gero sent to destroy the inhabitants of Earth. The two are but two enemies, nothing more. Android 18 himself didn’t pay attention to Krillin and focused on “hunting” Vega. Later, these two characters were brought closer together when Krilin took steps to help save Lazuli – his real name. Before she left, she gave Krilin a kiss to say goodbye.

That sudden kiss froze him and has been making him feel for her ever since. After Cell’s defeat and the rebirth of Android 18, Krilin pursued her until she accepted her proposal. They both have a child named Marron and have a private life with their happy families.

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4. Gohan and Videl

gohan and videl

Gohan and Videl are classmates in high school. When they first met, Gohan was so embarrassed that he had to find a way to avoid Videl, as she was still trying to unravel his mystery. Later, Videl cornered Gohan in many ways and forced him to attend the martial arts festival if he didn’t want her to reveal her secrets. Gohan reluctantly agreed.

Later, Gohan and Videl showed up at the martial arts festival. They got married later and had a daughter named Pan. This had a major impact on the fact that Gohan no longer wanted to become a warrior but to become a scholar to have more time with Videl and Pan.


5. Trunks and Mai

Trunks and mai

Trunks is the future son of Vegeta and Bulma, and he travels through time to help the Z Warriors stop Cell. After defeating Cell, he returns to his time to rebuild the world with Mai’s help.

At first, the two decided to be just friends but after many difficulties together, they started to share their true feelings. Together they decided to move to a completely different time, free from destruction and hunting enemies to be together.


6. Mr. Brief and Mrs. Panchy

Bulma's parents

Mr. Brief rarely appears in Dragon Ball, but he is one of the best in the series. He is the creator of Capsule Corp. and with his wife Panchy who taught Bulma how to be human.

Basically, they’re a kind, loving, optimistic couple. They always like to help others whenever possible. With the help of Mr. Brief and Mrs. Panchy, Goku and Vegeta have been able to modernize significantly and can go as far as Namek thanks to the spaceship repaired by Mr. Brief.