Broly Hoodie

Designed specially for the fans of the legendary Super Saiyan, discover our collection of splendid Broly Hoodie!

Broly hoodie


Broly (ブロリー Burorī?) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball franchise. There are two versions of the character: the first is the original version presented in the 90's Moetsukiro! movies and the second is a new adaptation created by Akira Toriyama himself, who made his debut in the film Dragon Ball Super: Broly. His appearance in the latter film has made the character part of the Dragon Ball canon universe.

When he was just a baby he was saved by his father, Paragus, before the planet Vegeta was destroyed. Since then Paragus uses his son as a tool to carry out his desires for revenge!. In both versions, Broly is presented as a Saiyajin with a gigantic and uncontrollable power as featured in our splendid Broly Hoodie collection. 

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