Capsule Corp Clothing

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capsule corp clothing

As you all now, the Capsule Corporation is a fictitious company founded by Dr. Brief at the beginning of the manga Dragon Ball. It specializes in the production of Hoi Poi capsules allowing anyone who uses them to carry large quantities of objects in small capsules. Thanks to this invention, Bulma's father became the richest man in the Dragon Ball world and revolutionized the way of life of the inhabitants of planet earth.

The capsule corporation became so famous that many Capsule Corp clothing sets were created to the delight of the fans of the franchise! That's why we created this special collection, to offer our customers the best Capsule Corp jackets, hoodies, shirts, hats, beanies, sweaters, and so on! Any Capsule Corp apparel that you would want on in one single place. Isn't it beautiful?!