Dragon Ball Z Beanie

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Dragon ball z beanie

A Dragon Ball Z beanie is a headgear that is usually made of cotton or fleece. Beanies are similar in shape to bobble hats, but do not have a bobble.

The term originates from the English language and probably refers to bean, a colloquial term for the head, in German comparable to pear.

While today both sexes dress with them, historically they have been worn mainly by men, especially by workers who had to avoid having their hair pulled out of their faces while working. They usually had a small umbrella to protect the eyes from the sun. They can therefore be seen as the forerunners of baseball caps.

In the middle of the 20th century, propeller beanies were popular among children in North America. The invention of the Propeller Dragon Ball beanie is attributed to science fiction author Ray Nelson, who based his claim to immortality largely on it:

"Centuries after all my writings have been forgotten, in some far corner of the galaxy, a beaniecopter will still be spinning."

"Centuries after all my writings are forgotten, somewhere in the galaxy a propeller DBZ beanie will still be spinning."

Today beanies are especially popular among children and teenagers and are mainly used as headwear in the skateboard and snowboard scene, but also partly in the hip-hop scene. On the mostly turned-over edge, the logo of the manufacturer or a slogan is often embroidered in oversize. Currently in fashion are beanies with an integrated visor and extra long winter hats, the so-called long beanies.

In the youth scene the beanie is usually worn over the ears and pulled deep into the forehead. Depending on its condition it can be worn close to the head or with an insulating air space over the back of the head.