Goku vs Saitama- Who wins?!

Goku vs Saitama: who wins?

Today, we sift through the powers and abilities of two titanic characters from the Japanese animation: Goku of Dragon Ball and Saitama of One Punch Man. We are going for a Goku vs Saitama match that will take place in 5 rounds: strength and endurance, intelligence and ingenuity, allies, weapons, and powers as well as determination and will.

First run: strength and endurance

1) Goku
In terms of pure strength, the levels of Goku and Saitama are so monstrous that the two characters can claim the #1 spot. They both had rather humble beginnings and greatly increased their strength through intensive and prompt training.

For decades, no one seems to have come close to our famous Saiyan in the world of DBZ. He surpasses the rest of the characters, including monsters capable of destroying entire planets with a simple wrist movement. When he crosses an opponent, he pushes his limits to eliminate him, even returning to life to cross the line with a fighter worthy of him (as in the fight against Majin Buu). With the release of Dragon Ball Super and the new movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly the power of Goku has increased again, so much that it is hard to imagine anyone could defeat him.

2) Saitama

Recently, a dazzlingly successful animated (named One Punch Man) has entered the running with a character with overwhelming strength. As the title of the anime indicates, Saitama can neutralize any opponent with a simple Punch! This is the principle of the character: he's so cheated that he has become totally jaded 😪 Actually, no one has managed to survive his iconic red gloves, not even the leader of the Guild of the Dark Space Raiders, the terrible Boros.

In addition, his inability to fly (unlike Sangoku) is somewhat offset by his immeasurable strength allowing him to jump very high and far. Among his exploits: jump from the moon to return to face Lord Boros on Earth, crush an asteroid and destroy an entire mountain with the pressure of air generated by a single stroke. Moreover, whatever the challenger, the apprentice Hero never seems to suffer any damage.

3) Verdict

We will remain impartial. In terms of pure strength and for all these reasons, Saitama deserves this first point (he is far from having revealed all that he is capable of).

Goku 0 - Saitama 1!

Second round: intelligence and ingenuity

1) Goku

We all seems to wonders if the stereotype of every Shonen's Amazing Hero is not based on Goku. But how could he blame him?! Since he fell on his head when he was young and lost all the malice inherent in the Saiyan from his consciousness, he has inherited a pure and benevolent heart.
Let's be honest: Goku is far from smart ... and it does not improve with DBS 🐒. Not to mention that his negligence and too much confidence in his strength have sometimes cost him a lot. But hey, that's what makes his charm!

2) Saitama

That said, Saitama is also far from worthy of a Nobel Prize. Misguided, distracted and always looking so bored, he does not really calculate his actions ... fortunately, Genos is there to change the situation. Despite its flaws, the Class B Hero is still much smarter than the famous Saiyan.

3) Verdict

Without a doubt, Saitama is definitely smarter than Kakarot.


Goku 0 – Saitama 2!

Third round: the allies

1) Saitama

In the animes, the "Power of friendship" 👬remains a very important place, especially in the Shonen. But between Goku from DBZ and Saitama from OPM, who is surrounded by the most loyal and powerful allies?

In spite of himself, Saitama is officially recognized by the Association of Heroes (although he has no real hero credibility yet). This title means that many other heroes (of rank S in particular) such as Genos "Demon Cyborg", Bang "Silver Fang" and Tatsumaki "Tragic Tornado" are, in theory, its allies. Not to mention King "The strongest man in the world" 😂!
But none of them seems to reach Saitama's level. To tell the truth, he is the only truly powerful character in the series (for now). As a result, they would be more of a handicap for Saitama than an indispensable help if they had to fight together.

2) Goku

Fortunately for him, Goku is surrounded by Z Fighters and allies with titanic power. This team is made up of the greatest fighters in the universe, some of whom have sometimes surpassed Goku! Among them we find Vegeta, Yamcha (lol), Majin Boo, Gohan, C-17, Beerus, etc. In addition, all these characters know how to fight in team together, so they have demonstrated many times.

3) Verdict

If these two teams clashed, we would not doubt for a second that the incredible Dragon Ball Team would win hands down.

Goku 1 - Saitama 2!

Fourth round: weapons and powers

1) Goku

Without mentioning the magic cloud (and the magic stick) which are obsolete for a long time. When we talk about Goku's arsenal, we have to focus on the incredible attacks of Ki energy he can uses. Between his Kamehameha wave ("
かめはめ"), Genkidama or his symbolic Wrath of the Dragon, Goku proves that his energy waves are overpowering. He is also able to use Instant Transmission!

In addition to all these attacks, Sangoku also has one of the most impressive powers: the Super Saiyan transformation. This power allows our hero to increase his capacities beyond his normal limit. This bonus power gives a new power to Son Goku, whose limits are more or less non-existent in Super Saiyan Blue (SSJ God SSJ), Super Saiyan God (SSJ God) and even more with Autonomous Ultra Instinct.

2) Saitama

Against all that, the powers of Saitama are rather basic. He has techniques called "
Consecutive Normal Punches" and "Serious Punch:👊 which remain devastating despite names not really intimidating. It also has tremendous speed, strength and insane resistance.

3) Verdict

This last precision is enough to decide between our two valiant fighters.

Goku 2 - Saitama 2!

Fifth Round: determination and will

1) Saitama

In a serious fight, it is always better to be able to count on his strong spirit. This is where the characters Goku and Saitama are very different. Before reaching the pinnacle of his power and losing all his hair tragically, Saitama had all the will of a "true" hero. But realizing that no one could compete with his strength, Saitama became, unfortunately for him, very passive. Saitama gives the impression not to love to fight that much, he even shows himself sometimes bored. It would not be surprising to see him abandon a fight for lack of will.


2) Goku

On this point, Goku is dramaticaley the opposite of Saitama. He only abandons a fight if he is absolutely certain that his son can do it himself easily. Moreover, the Saiyans are a warrior race, they love but mostly live to fight, and Goku follows this code religiously 😤! Few characters can boast of being dead in battle and then returning to life to save the world many times.

3) Verdict

We can reasonably assume that Goku will never give up a fight before winning.

Goku 3 - Saitama 2!


Drum Roll!

Goku vs Saitama: Goku wins!

The victory goes to the powerful space warrior Goku, definitely stronger than Saitama. His innumerable abilities and the constant progression of his power are too impressive to be ignored. It is true that we are anxious to discover how Saitama will evolve in the future, however, we statues on Goku ... for the moment!