DBZ Shirt Goku Frieza Stare Down



Stylish and famous Dragon Ball Z T-Shirt featuring Son Goku facing the evil emperor of the Universe Frieza. The fight on the Planet Namek is soon and it won’t last 5min (as you know…).

Today, wear something special and get all people’s attention with the Goku Frieza Stare Down Shirt from Goku Corp!

  • Very Comfortable: breathable Modal Cotton fibers on this T-shirt make it very soft, flexible and very pleasant to wear. Fits well, do not tighter too much

  • Unique design featuring our beloved Saiyan warrior facing the Emperor of the Universe

  • Strong and stylish: We use only premium materials to produce our products which allows them to last much longuer than T-shirts from other companies

  • High-Precision Design printing

  • Machine washable at 30°C (86°F)

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