Dragon Ball Z Cosplay Vegeta Badman Pink Shirt


It’s not because Bulma won’t force you to wear this pink shirt that you can’t wear it anyway! This splendid Vegeta Badman Shirt is specially designed by Goku Corp for Dragon Ball fans who want to look like the Prince of Saiyans… A true Badman!

  • Pink Button Up Shirt: Original replica of the Badman Shirt weared by Vegeta as seen in Dragon Ball Z
  • Premium Materials: Soft and hypoallergenic polyester fibers. Very pleasant to wear, does not irritate the skin 
  • High-Precision 3D Printing on the back
  • Perfect for daily wear and Cosplay!
  • Free Shipping Worldwide


To choose a size, please refer to the size chart below. This product sizes smaller than US average sizes, our team advises you to take a size 1 time larger than usual on this product.


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Important: Due to washing problems, the “BADMAN”  design may now differ slightly from the one advertised in order to guarantee a better quality of flocking. Customers are advised. 



Badman Shirt

Product: Vegeta Pink Shirt Badman

After the battle against Frieza on Planet Namek, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin and the Namekians are teleported on Earth with the help of the earth dragon balls. Vegeta who just came back to life at this period, chooses to wait for Son Goku’s return at Bulma’s place and then decides to steal Bulma’s Capsule Corp spaceship to continue his training in space. He came back few days later, his clothes covered in durt and famished. 

Bulma, who seemed to really like the attitude of the Prince of Saiyans decides to tell him to go take a shower:

“Yuck Vegeta you smell like a wet dog. Come on let’s go!”

Vegeta who doesn’t have the habit to take orders from anyone didn’t blink an eye until Bulma pushed him into her mind game, insulting his manners. Somehow, it was the first time that we saw Vegeta follow someone else directives.

While he was taking a shower, Bulma took care to put his dirty clothes into the washing mashine and bring him some new fresh clothes. Out of the Shower cubicle, Vegeta looks for his armor and finds the famous Vegeta Badman Shirt that will become famous all around the world. That’s when the magic happens! 

Vegeta Badman Shirt Gif

Doesn’t Vegeta in a pink shirt look so adorable?!

It was fun until Vegeta and Krillin felt a enormous Ki approching fast. Frieza survived his fight against Son Goku and was now coming to take his revenge. Goku was on his way too, but the Emperor of Universe 7 was 2 hours ahead of him. That’s when Future Trunks arrived to save the day, killing Frieza’s men, his father and Frieza himself in 5 minutes! (And these were really 5 real minutes…)

This was the famous story of our splendid Vegeta pink shirt cosplay. Did you enjoy it? Why not share it on Facebook or Twitter and give it a try ?! You’ll not be deceived, we promise!