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Vegeta Forms

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High-Quality T-Shirt featuring the all forms of the Prince of Saiyans from his Childhood until his Super Saiyan Blue form as seen in Dragon Ball Super!

Today, get one of the best Dragon Ball Shirts on the market with this splendid Evolution of Vegeta Shirt, only available at Goku Corp!

  • Very Comfortable: Made with solid and smooth Polyester fibers, this T-shirt is very soft and will keep its quality for a long time.

  • Elastic Material: Nobody likes folds on his clothes. With its 5% Spandex,  this shirt can be weared several days in a row without any problem

  • Original design featuring all official and unofficial Vegeta Transformations like his Oozaru Form or his Super Saiyan 3 Form

  • High-quality finitionsFits well on both women or men body

  • Machine washable at 30°C (86°F)

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